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he prologue page of a manuscript of Kitab Al-Mansouri Fi Al-Tib written by Muhammad Ibn Zakareyya Al Razi (Rhazes, 841-926


  Drawing of the cross section of the Brain and the Eyes made by the 13th century Khalifa ibn Abi Al Mahasin Al Halaby (from Aleppo) in his book Al Kafi Fi Al-Kuhl (The Book of Sufficient Knowledge in Ophthalmology)

The first 2 pages of an original authentic manuscript of the book "Siassat Essibyane wa tadbiruhum" (Infant and child care and treatment)  authored by the 10th century Ibn Al-Jazzar Al-Qairawani, the first independent and complete work on pediatrics and child care.

*Emeritus Professor of Urology and Kuwait Prize Laureate (2005 - History of Medicine)

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In this new section on the History of Pediatrics, we include the 8 German-language articles published in “Der Kinderarzt” between 1983 and 1991, the outcome of a joint work on history of pediatrics, pediatric surgery and social pediatrics by Abdel-Halim R E and Jan MY based on their study and German translation of the book "Risaalah fi Siyasat as-Sibyan wa Tadbirihim" (Infant and child care and treatment) by ibn Al-Jazzar (Latinized as Algizar) who lived in Qairawan (now in Tunisia) between 895 and 980 AD. The book  is the first independent and complete work on paediatrics and child care.

In the study of this 22-chaptered book, the autjhors relied upon another authentic manuscript of the work which was not available to Mohammad al-Habib al-Haila, who first edited the book in 1968. This has helped to further document, complete and supplement the published edition of this important work.

The first of those 8 papers included an introduction about ibn Al-Jazzar's era and its influence on Medieval European schools of medicine. Paper No. 2  included  the biography of ibn al-Jazzar as well as a description of his book; while papers No. 3-8 included the serialized German translation of the whole book together with pictures of all the original manuscript’s pages.

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