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So lose not heart, nor fall into despair: For ye must gain mastery if ye are true in Faith. 3 : 139



The holy Qur'an in mp3

Listen and save the holy Quran

Dar-us-Salam Publications Islamic Books Gifts Quran Hadith

Islamic books & mp3 - Free-Islamic-book


Al Muhaddith free islamic softwareAl Muhaddith free islamic software

Islamic Hardback and Paperback Books

Audio islam islamic books

Islamasoft Solutions (UK)

CyberSalat (for new muslims)

 List of Organizations that Donate Islamic Books and Da'wah Materials  

Ilahiler (turkish)

Samir Alicehajic Softwares

  Alharamain Islamic Foundation (free books) (Books, Newsletters, Fonts, Software)

 Books for the Muslim Family

Path to Jannah - Quran Recitation Page - Quran in MP3, Real Player

 Dar Al Fikr

Adhan in mp3  /   The Adhan page

 White Thread Press

Supplications and Quran in Audio


Free Islamic Books and tapes


Sufism & Science by Ahmed Baki


Download Bukhari & Imam Malik Hadeeth books (Arabic)


History, Fiqh, Audio & more

The FREE Daily Hadith Program


Free Arabic Alphabets Programm

Al-Muslimah- Islamic Clothing for Women

Al Hannah

The veiled Beauty

An Inheritance Calculator according to Islamic Shariah Law

Download the Athan (Azan) software

Hamdi Tabligh Net for Online books, articles and audio speeches








The Muslims Directory

Muslim Net Guide & Islamic Web Portal

Khadija's islamic

Hamza Search Engine

Islamic Backgrounds

Web Design Resources

My-Muslim.Net E-Mail


Islamic Website Design

Islamic Freebies For Webmasters

The Button Bin

Muslim Programmers and Designer Community

Islam Directory



Free islamic e-cards

Innovative Minds Greeting Cards

My Muslim islamic greeting cards E-Cards

Arab e-greeting-cards

Arabji.Com Arabic/English E-Cards



Virtual Greeting Cards for Muslims

Talk Islam - Greeting Cards

Greeting cards Hahooa arab directory !

Arabic greeting cards - Free E-Card Service


Eid ul Adha Greeting CardsHoly Eid ! from Eid ul




Pregnant and Nursing Muslimahs

Liberate Palestine - A peace without justice is oppression

Polygamy in Islam

Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth (F A M S Y)

Welcome to ASAD (A supplication A Day)!


Al-Manhaj 3 Online Islaamic School


pal_support · Palestinian People Support Committee

AMWA · Association of Muslim Women in America

ALQURANIC · The Best Guide Al-Quran


alb-muslimnews · Albanian Muslim News

Hanafi Fiqh

aajooba · For Islamic knowledge, better Awareness of the religion of Islam (Mailing List)


chechnya-sl · Chechnya Short-list

chechnya-sl · Chechnya Short-list

Islam Denounces Terrorism

IslamicLectures · Islamic Studies Group

islamic_net · Intriguing Discussions!

KidsIslamicStories · Islamic Stories For Muslim Kids


mohammadpatel · Blackburn College Students

pmw-action-calls · Distribution list

The Sabr Foundation

salafi_dawah · Salafi Dawah Online - Dawah Resources / Books / Lectures / News

Islaam: The Right Path


True Teacher (urdu)

Ul-Muslimah is a discussion group open only to Muslim WOMEN

wisdom_4_u_and_me · wisdom with an Islamic touch

Witness Pioneer General List

The best ummah










The Arab World: Information and Resources 

A CRY OF IMAN FROM UZBEKISTAN - practises and beliefs of several religions

9/11 Pentagon Strike

Hong Kong Islamic Youth Association

musalman The islamic portal



Moonsighting Homepage

Canadian Islamic Centre

Your name in arabic script

The islamic calendar

Pentagon on 9-11-2001

Islam Denounces Antisemitism

Welcome to the Kingdom of Morocco

The3D KabahWebsite 


Muslim Life in America

CBA Outreach Programs  Center for Albanian Studies &  Schools Involved

Arabic flash shows

Encyclopedia of the Orient

Live Radio & TV

Mama List - 1000+ Islamic and Muslim Links on the Internet World Wide Web

Al-Bukhari Hadith Audio

UrduPoint Network, Urdu Cards, Names of Allah

Radio Iliria

Hiddenwars of Desert Storm

Egypt Live via internet

Other Maps Relating to Islam's Historical Development

In Focus: The World of Islam @

Learning Moroccan Arabic


Write Arabic in Roman Letters


BBC Arabic Radio

Muslim Network - Mailinglists

Jew Murder


















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