Muslim Programmers and Designer Community

My aim of this message is to bring up the need of Muslim programmers and Webdesigners and bring up some sort of community whereby muslims can help each other with Techology and Hi tech Stuff.

As there are many big communites out there on the net what is lacking is a big muslim community where the techs of the muslim world all unite into one Community and share and discuss their ideas.

Muslim websites and server nowadays are always proned and subject to attack from the outsiders,therefore we have set up a community dedicated for muslims around the world to join in and discuss and share their ideas and also to help muslims who have websites to get a better understanding of keeping their information and site/networks safe

Today the Muslim Programmers and Designer community was lauched at
the forum has the following aims:

Computer/programming Discussion so muslim web master and Admins can share their knowledge and help others

- Advertisment of muslim Web design and Webhosting companies

- Help with Study and homework, for student

Inshallah we hope to make this a large muslim community high tech discussion board and hope that you can all pass this message to others so others can benefit and learn inshallah

- If you have own a web hosting company or web design firm or IT firm please feel free to advertise in the advertisement forum inshallah as the time goes on i shall be expanding this site to cater for Banner advertisement and other features such as file sharing and a load of other features.

Please do visit that website and pass on information to all your friends the site is also used as a homework help to assist muslim students with any difficulties they are having with projects and coursework we feel there need to be some place for muslims to help each other.

so please do visit it as we intend to make it one of the biggest muslim high tech community on the internet. Please do pass this message along. Our aim is to help othher muslim students programmers and to exchange ideas

Walikum salam

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