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The day will come when every soul will serve as its own advocate, and every soul will be paid fully for whatever it had done, without the least injustice. 16: 111




Terrorism and Islam and Fortification and Safety from Destruction, Defeaication

Suicide Bombing in Islam

Understanding Jihad

War on Islam - Special Report

Peace and the Limits of WarTranscending Classical Conception of Jihad

Jihad on the Internet (Special Report)

War on Islam ( pdf)

Jihad in History and Law

Islamic Jihad: What Allah and the Koran Say About War

Did the Jihad spreaded the Islam?

Jihad in the Qur'an and Sunnah

Khilafah comes before Jihad

Jihad Explained

JIHAD The Holy War of Islam and Its Legitimacy in the Quran

What is Jihad?

Suicide Bombings in the Scales of Islamic Law

War and Enemy 

Struggle against Injustice Is Jihad

 The Quran on war, peace and justice

The Evolution of 'Jihad' in Islamist Political Discourse: How a Plastic Concept Became Harder

Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihaad)


Jihad in islam by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Islaam Spread By The Sword  

Martyrs: The building blocks of nations

Martyrdom-seeking Operations: "Zenith of Courage and Bravery"

jihad 101, introductory course

Ahaadith for the believers (the non-kafir)

Dua for the people of Palestine from Sahifa e Kamela

 A Martyr (If Allah so Wills)

Explaining the Hadeeth of Battling the Jews

7 types of martyrs (shaheeds) 

Ya Allah

 Am I A Terrorist?

The Virtues of Martyrdom 

 Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihaad)


The Type of Jihaad in Palestine

Join the Jihad against enemy of Islam

The enemies of Allaah are very eager to enter into the lands of the Muslims

Virtues of the Martyrs

The Objectives and Aims of Jihaad

 JIHAD Hasan al-Banna

The Help of Allaah And His Victory

The Propaganda of Terrorism

The struggle in the cause of Allah

Interview with a Mujahedeen

Arabs and Israel conflict or conciliation?

 What does Islam say about domestic violence?

Martyrs: The building blocks of nations

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