"Do you really think that you will enter Paradise before Allah knows which of you who fought (in His Cause) and which of you are patient?" [Quran 3:142]

 Jihad on the Internet (Special Report)

20 April 2002

CANADA (Online): A series of new web-sites have sprung up within the last few months, giving an alternative view on the current Crusade against Islam. A list of some of these web-sites are given here, some of which are not new, but nevertheless recommended. For the Muslims who are confused as to what to do and where to start, they can start by letting everyone know about the web-sites below, taking articles from them and emailing them around to their friends, and printing selected articles and interviews to paste on their mosque and prayer room noticeboards. In this way, the Muslims can easily counteract the American-Zionist controlled media via word of mouth over the internet, which is the most effective means of mass communication. However, it requires a collective effort. One person printing and putting up articles on their noticeboards is not the same as 100 people doing it, which is not the same as 1000 people doing it, etc. Be sure to put the reference of the web-site whenever distributing the articles.

1. Kavkaz.org: An excellent site from the long established Kavkaz Centre, providing news, articles and interviews primarily on Chechnya, but also editorials and comments on Palestine and Afghanistan.

2. Jihadunspun.net: A new site, very nicely put together, by a group of independent experts providing a comprehensive archive on the current 'War On Islam'. A lot of effort has been put into this site and the articles are well-researched and well-written.

3. Taliban-news.com: Another very good site containing some unique articles and an interesting portfolio of images from Palestine and Afghanistan. There is also a link to a discussion board where interested parties can exchange news and views.

4. Khurasaan.com: A web-site named after the region of Persia/Afghanistan/Central Asia mentioned by the Prophet (SAWS) in hadith. Contains a series of postings by various individuals. Non-Muslims certainly will not feel comfortable here! Exercise caution if intending to post threatening or provocative comments here, since authorities can easily trace you via your IP address.

5. The Palestine Information Center: The English web-site of the Palestine Information Center containing a detailed history on the land and conflict of Palestine, together with news and images. However, there are some humiliating appeals calling for petitions and demonstrations for non-Muslim governments to assist the Palestinians.

Arabic Web Sites

6. Alneda.com: The offical web-site of the Institute for Islamic Studies and Research, source of the latest statements and interviews from the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. There is also an excellent audio-video section that contains a video featuring the original, unreleased interview with Usama bin Ladin, as well as clips of the recent martyrs in this Crusade thus far. Though the picture quality on the video is poor, the audio is very clear. The site also contains a comprehensive archive of fatawa by contemporary Islamic scholars from the Arabian Peninsula and elsewhere.

7. Jehad.net: Another new site in Arabic containing news and articles relating to Jihad.

8. Qassam.org: The official web-site of the Hamas Izzideen Al-Qassam Brigades, containing photographs, biographies and wills of all the Izzideen Al-Qassam martyrdom operation martyrs since the early 1990's. It also contains an excellent image and video archive showing real-life operations against Israeli targets, including the real-time destruction of an Israeli Merkava tank.

9. Qoqaz.com: The official web-site of the Sawt Al-Qoqaz (Voice of the Caucasus) containing news and articles on the Jihad in Chechnya, although it has not been updated very regularly, recently


Courtesy:    www.azzam.com.uk

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