War and Enemy 

Once when the Prophet (sall Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) was facing the enemy and waiting for the setting of the sun, he stood up and addressed the people saying:

"O People! Do NOT desire a combat with the enemy, but pray to Allah for safety. But when you are face to face with the enemy, be steadfast and remember that Paradise lies under the shadow of swords!" Then he supplicated: "O Allah! Revealer of the Book, Driver of the clouds, Vanquisher of hosts, destroy them and help us over them."
"When two MUSLIMS combat each other with the sword, the killed and the killer BOTH are doomed to Hell!" A companion asked why the one who was killed suffers the same fate as the killer and the Prophet replied: "Because one longed (intended) to murder the other."
 [Agreed Upon]

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