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I'm Sarah Mohammed, I'm originally from Eritrea but I was born and raised in Sudan in a beautiful town called Al-Gadaref, I'm the youngest of ten. I came to Australia with my family 6 years ago. I finished my primary and secondary(to year 9) education in Sudan.
when I came to Australia I had to go to a language centre to learn English it was fun! It was the best. I met and made many friends here in Australia. Making new friends was difficult after leaving the people I really love behind, but in time I got used to the idea that I won't be seeing them for a while so I made friends but still it's different from my friends back home.
However after finishing my English course at the Language Centre, I went to Strathmore Secondery College and then my family and I moved to another suburb, so I was transferred to Moreland City College. I graduated from high school last year in 1999. I was doing English, Information Processing and Management, Mathematics, Business Management, Human Development and Arabic. My favourite subject was and still is Computers.



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