-MY Interests-


Well!, I enjoy reading novels any kind, anything I find in front of me.
My favorites authour is Stephen King and my favorite book is Hearts in Atlantis.
I also enjoy reading Science fiction as well as computer Magazine and anything to do with Technology, here is the APC Magazine, I find it very useful.


I enjoy poetry very much, here are some beautiful lines that I've collected

Here is more

For more click here to visit almubarak, it's a beautiful site that provide you with more poetry by different poets.


Well, I play computer games sometimes my favorite was a game called doubletrouble,This is the only game I play when I feel like playing other than that my life is full, I don't really have much time to play games!!
I have collected some jokes and some proverbs Click here to view it.


I also collected some nice things about Islam it called Islam is here


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