The Articles of Faith

There are also articles of faith which includes beside believing in the Oneness of Allah.
  1. Believing in the angels. Allah has created them and tasked them to undertake numerous duties beside praising Him. They are His obedient slaves. "They stand in awe and reverence of His [glory]" Qur'an 21:28

  2. Believing in Allah's Scriptures, that they were free from any imperfection or errors at the time of their revelation. All Scriptures that preceded the Qur'an have been tampered with or distorted by their people, while the Qur'an is protected by Allah from change or tampering. Allah sent down Scriptures to Abraham, Isma'il, Is'haq, Ya'oob (Jacob) and his twelve sons, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad.

  3. Believing in Allah's Messengers. Among whom the most prominent and steadfast are Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, peace be on them. They are human and slaves of Allah

  4. Believing in the Last Day, the Day of Resurrection. Allah has predecreed a term for each creature, and a term for the life of this world. The world's termination will be marked by the sounding of the trumpet, then the trumpet will sound again and mankind shall be resurrected to stand before the Lord of the worlds to be questioned about their deeds in this world. Those who believe in Allah were obedient will go to Jannah or (Paradise), and those who disbelieved will end up in Hell-Fire.

  5. Believing in predestination. Allah has created everything in according with His decree, predestination, desire and will, and in due proportion. Nothing occurs or takes shape within the heaven or the earth but with His knowledge and by His order.




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