Learning the Language of the Qurán ~ تعلم لغة القرآن





Welcome to the Resources section of LLQ, currently there is limited material to download other than the material allocated for the classes which can be found in the appropriate class sections.

This section of the website will include any useful materials passed on to LLQ that fellow learners of Arabic have found useful. Generally we encourage people to send in useful documents, worksheets, audio and any other electronic tool to aid us all in our objective. Jazakallahu kheyran for all who have contributed.




Introduction to Ajroomeya 1 (2.4 mb)

Introduction to Ajroomeya 2 (7.7 mb)

Introduction to Ajroomeya 3 (7.7 mb)


The files above are audio lectures delivered in English on an introduction to al-Ajroomeya.  These files are not available on the web as far as i know. They were kindly sent to LLQ by one of our members jazakallahu kheyran.








    The most useful resources always appear on the left hand navigation column of this website and can be accessed at all times on all pages. Included in the links are an excellent online Arabic dictionary, and a brilliant site for downloading high quality .mp3 Qurán recitation.

     If you have any useful and relevant Arabic resource that you would like to see on LLQ online please do not hesitate and send in your material.