Learning the Language of the Qur'an

Learning the Language of the Qur'an تعلم لغة القرآن


Practical Arabic (Learning and Speaking):

This class focusses on the daily use of arabic, common arabic terms are taught as well as an emphasis on dialogue. The books taught from are: Arabic Course for english-speaking students, by Dr. V. Abdur Rahim (as taught in Madinah Islamic University) <--books available for free as pdf file (in archive section).

Pre-requisite Knowledge:

To fully benefit from this class students are expected to be able to read arabic to a basic level

Teacher: "peaceuall"

Morphology and Grammar:

This class covers both classic disciplines for the arabic language Grammar (Nahu) and Morphology (Sarrf). The concepts taught are to an intermediate level but all beginners are warmly welcomed to attend. This is a very beneficial class and not to be missed.

Pre-requisite knowledge:

All students are expected to know how to read and write arabic

Teacher: "abderrahim129"

Ajroomeya: Tuhfatus Sunniyah (Grammar):

An explanation of the Ajroomeya book (covering the rules of grammar)

Pre-requisite knowledge:

An intermediate level of understanding is required to attend this class.

Teacher: "adeen"

Weekly Schedule

Monday                    Practical Arabic (Learning and Speaking)

Tuesday                   Practical Arabic (Learning and Speaking)

Wednesday              Morphology and Grammar

Thursday                  Morphology and Grammar

Friday                      Morphology and Grammar

Saturday                  Ajroomeya: Tuhfatus Sunniyah (Grammar)

Sunday                    Ajroomeya: Tuhfatus Sunniyah (Grammar)

All classes start at 9pm GMT

Overall a basic level of literacy is expected from those who attend (familiarity with the alphabet and basic reading ability). Students are expected to follow the class material, and also manage some self-study sessions over the lessons previously covered.

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AbderRahim's Class التعرف على الاسم و الفعل و الحرف

Peaceuall's Class Madeenah book conversations and basic i3rab

Adeen's Class الآجرومية


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