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New Muslims
Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) was one the the 1970's most popular musical artists. With a string of hit records and sold-out concerts he rocketed to superstardom. His album "Tea For The Tillerman" is considered to be one of the best of its genre and his name is still a household word. So what happened to him? Why did he leave pop stardom behind? What is he doing now? Read on, this page will answer all of those questions and more. click here

Muslim Leaders Salute Will Smith

Muslim leaders across America are saluting Will Smith for embracing their religion after completing the Muhammad Ali biopic. Smith was introduced to the religion while learning about the legendary boxer's life - Islam is Ali's religion of choice. Friends close to Smith claim the megastar is now embracing the religion in his own life and is eager to learn more about it. click here


“Please regard me as a Mohammedan…”

The great Russian writer and thinker who contributed a lot to the Russian literature and history is more famous as a writer, his philosophical views and works that reflect his ideas of God, soul, knowledge, love, the meaning of life, etc. are much less known.
The continuing quest for the meaning of life, the moral ideal, the covert general regularities of existence as well as his spiritual and social criticism run through all his creative work. Since the 1870-ies he pays more and more attention to the subjects of death, sin, penance, and moral revival.
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