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Womens' Weekly gathering


1. Inform and Educate

2. Reduce isolation

3. Support


Provide information sessions to help migrant Muslim women adapt to the Australian lifestyle and encourage access to services available.

Education sessions on personal development, health and confidence-building in making positive contribution to the Australian society without losing our identity.

Parenting Workshop

Cooking and craft (When facility and funding available)


Arabic Clases for children


To provide service to Muslim children who wish to learn a community language outside school hours.

About the Classes

Since 2001 the Arabic classes have been run successfully independent of the subsidy.

Now we have 30 students attending the intermediate and beginners classes.

Certificates are awarded for the students at the end of each term where parents are invited to meet with the teachers.



The playgroup has been formed for the benefits of extending the social network of Muslim women and providing Muslim playmates for their children. The group intends to provide an appropriate Islamic environment and create lasting friendships. The group also allows isolated women with young children an opportunity to socialize in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

About the Group

15 mothers and 20 children currently attend the group.

The group was initiated in July 2001 without external funding.



Inshallah our aim is to raise money to help the community and eventually become self sufficient through ongoing income.

About the Group

- Presently we have been raising money through picnics.



To provide fun activities for our youth. Educating them in valued life skills according to the Quran and Sunnah.

About the Group

- Our youth group caters for various age groups from primary age to young adult women



Our volunteer s need help and support themselves. It is the aim of the volunteer coordinators to provide them with this support.

About the Group

Editorial/Web page


To provide for the community a resource where they may be updated on the services and events occurring.

About the Group

- We provide a bi-monthly newsletter to all members

- The regularly updated webpage you are now viewing



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