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Incorporated in 1992, the Muslim Women Support Centre of W.A. Inc. (MWSC) is a group of Muslim women who came together to promote Islam for the pleasure of Allah. As an incorporated body, our aims and objectives are:

1. To offer ongoing Islamic spiritual growth, self-awareness and personal development programs through classes, lectures, projects and workshops.
2. To actively bring together Muslim women and those sympathetic to Islam through an environment of love and non-judgemental support in order to break down any false barriers of culture, age and education.
3. To offer a support system for new Muslim women, with or without family and all Muslim women in distress.
4. To form bridges and dialogue with non-Muslims for the positive understanding of : Islam Muslims in general The status of Muslim women in particular
5.To be actively involved in working together for setting an Islamic example of unity and integrity in activities and attitudes in our community.


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