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		AsSalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters ,

		Thank you for visiting web hosting.

		We hope that this FREE service is for Allah's 
		sake and that Muslims will benefit from it.

		Our conditions for hosting your site are as follows:

		1. Although this service was originally intended for English sites,
		   We do now accept non-English sites, but as part of the
		   site there must be a page of favorite links in ENGLISH.
		2. The site must be of good design and content.
		3. The site must not have anything that is against 
		   the teachings of Islam and good manner. That includes
		   music and pictures of women without Islamic dress.
		4. There must be no crack files on the site
		5. The logo must be placed in the 
		   homepage of the site.
		6. We strictly disallow content promoting terrorism, hate, or racism.

		Please send us the address of your web site so
		that we can see it.  We must see your web site
		before we can create an account for you to host
		with us.

		If you have an idea for a web site but have not
		yet developed it, we suggest that you use another
		web hosting services to start developing your
		site and then show it to us.

		You may request your site to be hosted by completing
		the form below. Please do not hesitate to email us at:

		AsSalamu Alaikum,

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