Muslim Girl's Club

Muslim Girls' Club

Muslim Girls  Club


Brainstorming Cool Ideas for a Muslim  girl’s  club*

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Social Education:
1.       Fundamental Values
Taqwa (piety and fear of Allah) Sisterhood (the spiritual bond)
Mercy (feeling of compassion and sympathy towards others)
Altruism (consideration for others before considering oneself)
Forgiveness (forgive when wronged)
Courage (to forbid evil)
2.       Social obligations
The rights of parents (to be dutiful to your parents)
The rights of kinship (preserving the ties of kinship)
The rights of neighbors (respecting neighbors up to the fortieth household)
The rights of the teacher (respect, listening)
The rights of a friend (Muslim obligations of friendship)
The rights of the elders (to be shown respect)
3.       Social norms and manners
Manners of eating and drinking
(Saying Bishmillah, etc.)
Manners of visiting the sick
The etiquette of asking permission
The etiquette of greeting
Manners of joking
Manners of congratulating
Manners of gathering
Manners of speech
Manners of conveying condolences


Personal Growth and development

   A book club- 

     Read a book and write or talk about it

≥   Learn how to write Arabic

≥   Teaching not to speak foul language

≥   All girls give speeches- Interactive, building self-esteem

≥   Debates and discussions

≥   Plays and sketches



↔  Teach children

↔  Help people

↔  Cleaning the Masjid

↔  Fund-raising

↔  Sew prayer clothes for the Masjid

↔  Helping with homework

↔  Teaching others to speak English



╬   Learn about Islam

╬   Read the Quran

╬   Learn about the Quran

╬   Reading about Islam

╬   Ideas for topics


        ├Islamic Personalities

        ├Diseases of the Heart, cleansing of the heart

        ├Our personal responsibility, Dawa

        ├Talk about the Islam lived during the time of the Prophet

        ├What is going on in the Muslim world

        ├Other Religions



♦    Once a month get-together, play, eat out

►  Field trips

♫  Singing/Anasheed

☺  Playing sports (e.g. roller skating)

♠    Play tennis

♥   Arts and crafts

☼  Picnic



*  Ideas brainstormed by the teenage girls who attended the Spring fling during spring break

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