Muslim Girl's Club

Muslim Girls' Club

Assalaamu Aleykum,



Itís long overdue, itís high-time, I think itís a bird, I think it is a plane, no itís a Muslim girlís club!!!  Itís TGIF (Thank God Itís Friday) at Kentucky mosque starting at 5:00 p.m.



At our meetings we intend to incorporate:

The Fatiha

An Islamic topic

A Dua/Prayer/Sura

A Social topic




The Aims of the Muslim Girlís Club are:


To deepen  our connection to Allah (Salatand Dua)


To instill social awareness and responsibility


To build a sisterhood of support


To train leadership skills


To broaden the horizons of all by emphasizing a balanced and open-minded approach to Islam


To instill in all a bigger purpose in life