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   As Salaam-Alaikum

The Muslim Women’s Association of Bakersfield invites you                                                                        to become a part of a new and exciting Muslim community movement.

Our Theme: “Coming together as Muslim Women”

Our Vision: 

MWAB is a vision of open- minded women working together to                                                                  improve our community.                 

In a mature manner, we aim at addressing certain pressing  issues upfront, such as, the generation issue; the weak participation of Muslim women in the Bakersfield community; and the spiritual strength of our individuals and families.

Possibility Thinking:                                                                

The blue-print for our activity is a list of ideas brainstormed by participants at one of the                                     MWAB meetings. These ideas span the following categories:                       




Self-improvement activities                  

Community resources/helping             

Interfaith and Dawa

Continuous work:

There are many needs in the community and we count on your support                                                          in working towards the implementation of these and other ideas.              

Priciples of Working Together:     

Our first meeting took place February 18, 2005. Since then we have held various organizational, spiritual and recreational meetings.  We have identified principles of working together in harmony, so that meetings are uplifting and reflect the spirit of Islam.  Also, our meetings are conducted by following an agenda, facilitators guide the meetings and minutes are written.

Our Goals and Objectives:

To pool our ideas and resources

To define our responsibilities as Muslim women and to act on those responsibilities

To encourage and support each other

To involve women from all nationalities




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