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1- News papers (Sahafa): many News papers and Magazinesin in Arabic, English and French daily, weekly and monthly

2- News papers: many Magazines and News papers in Arabic [needs Arabic browser]

3- Islamic News : Daily Islamic news in Arabic

4- Al-Jazeera : Al-Jazeera news in Arabic

5- Islam Memo مفكرة الإسلام : Daily News in Arabic

6- Moheet المحيط : Daily News in Arabic

7- Islam Today البشير للأخبار : Daily News in Arabic

8- Islamic News الإسلامية وكالة الأنبء : Daily News in Arabic

9- News papers: Arabic Newspapers [in Arabic]

10- News papers: Newspapers [in Arabic, English and French]

12- Muslim News : Muslim world News [in English]

13- Muslim News: News [in English]

14- News papers: BBC News written and audio [in Arabic]

15- News : Discussion groubs [in Arabic]

16- News papers: Arab Times [in Arabic]

17- News: Hamas in Arabic

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