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Islam and Science

1- موسوعة إعجاز القران و السنة : Excellent site with many titles

2- Islampedia الإعجاز العلمي في القران و السنة : Articles, audio and video

3- Beconvinced البرهــان : Articles, audio and video

4- Islam & Science موسوعة الإعجاز العلمي في القران و السنة : Many Articles in Arabic

5- Islam & Science : Many Articles in Arabic

6- Al-Eijaz الإعجــاز : Many topics in Arabic and English

7- Islamic City المدينة الإسلامية : Many Articles and video

8- Islam - guide دليل الإسلام : Many Articles in English

9- Al-Seraj - السراج : Many scientific Videos

10- Islam 101 إسلام : Many Articles

11- Fakir 60 فاكر : Many Articles and links

12- Meltingpot - Islamic Medicine : Many Islamic Medical sites

13- Ummah الأمــة : Science Encyclopaedia

14- Islam Science الإسلام و العلم : Some articles and posters

15- Tasabeeh تسابيح : some articles

16- Arabic Paper الصحيفة العربية : Some articles

17- Cyberistan : Mathematicians and astronomers in English

18- Islamic Medicine الطب الإسلامي : Islam and Medicine in English and Arabic

19- Mubarak مبارك : Mathematicians and astronomers in Arabic

20- The Holy Quran Center مركز القرآن الكريم : Article the Amazing Quran

21- Bensys : Many articles

22- Qur'an and Scientific Knowledge القران و المعرفة العلمية : Collection of Verses from the Qur'an on different topics

23- Speed of Light سرعة الضوء و القران : Article about The amazing speed of light C in the Qur'an

24- Islam and Science : Article about the amazing split of the moon

Useful Scientific Links

1- Full text article: Free Online Full-text Articles by HighWire Press

2- Nature: Well known Scientific Journal

3- First Science : Scientific Web site

4- New Scientist : Scientific Journal

6- Encyclopedia: Encyclopedia (2)

Test your scientific background ~+/=0!?

1- What is the speed of this lamb in Km/sec?!?!

2- How many hurdles could it jump per second?!?!

3- What is the approximate mass (weight) of the lamb?!?!

4- Is the lamb an artiodactyl or a perisodactyl?!?!

Send your answers to the e-mail below

[Your answers will be kept confidential, so do not worry!!]

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