About KMS

About Kanazawa Muslim Society (KMS)

  • Introduction:
  • Kanazawa Muslim Society is the only Islamic organization in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. It was established since 1994 by few Muslim members from Turkey and Indonisia. Previuosly it was called Hokuriku Muslim Society (HMS), and included all Muslims in the three prefectures (Ishikawa, Toyama and Fukui). Now after finding some Islamic associations in those prefectures KMS becomes the Islamic organization in the Ishikawa Prefecture only. It is the active organization in the Hokuriku area, organizing many cultural and islamic activities. The main location of KMS is at Kanazawa City. We rent a house to be a mosque for prayers and our meetings. Almost Muslims in KMS are come from Eastern Asia and Africa (Indonesia, Bangladish, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Lybia, South Africa, Pakestan, Iran, ....).

  • KMS Mosque:
  • In this page you will find a detailed information about the KMS Mosque (address, location map, fund histograms,...). Also, you can find various Halal fouds that are available for Muslins and sometimes non-Muslins.