KMS Mosque

KMS Mosque

KMS rented a house to be a mosque for our prayers and meetings. The coast of Mosque rent is covered mainly by the donations of KMS members and some funds from the Islamic Center of Japan (ICJ). It contains Halah foods for Muslims and sometimes non-Muslims.

Below is the address of the Mosque and its location map: (The location map was prepared by Br. Edi).

  • Address:
  • Dai 2 Eikouso No.2 (first floor)
    1-22-20, Mitsukuchi Shinmachi,
    Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
    Tel/Fax: 076-261-9465

  • Halal Foods:
  • KMS Mosque has different kinds of Halal foods with a best price relative to Non-Halal ones in outside. Following is a list of the available Halal foods in KMS Mosque:

    A)-Meat and Chicken:

    1. Fresh Chicken with bone and boneless
    2. Chicken sausage
    3. Chicken berger
    4. Fresh beef meat (boneless)
    5. Fresh beef shank
    6. Fresh beef mince
    7. Fresh beef liver
    8. Mutton boneless
    9. Mutton with bone
    10. Mutton mince

    B)- Others:

    1. White beans (with and without black eyed)
    2. Brown lentil
    3. Yellow and pink lentil
    4. Buttur oil
    5. Dates
    6. Miscellanious

    Most of the above mentioned products are ordered from Islamic shop stores at Tokyo.

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