KMS Activities

KMS Activities

The successful life in Islam under the flag of LA ELAHA ELA ALLAH would only promoted by the practice of our Holy Quraan Instructions and practice of our Great Islam in our totality life. Muslims everywhere in general, and in non-Islamic Countries in particular are facing a strong challenges becuase of their faith in Allah, and to be a strong Muslims these challenges have to be faced by a strong unity and brotherhood in Islam.

For this puroses, KMS is regularly organized some cultural and islamic activities to gathering Muslims and strnegthen our brotherhood for the sake of Allah first, and to be a strong community second. Also a main purpose of the Islamic activities is to recorrect the missunderstanding about Islam and Muslims among Japanese and non-muslim people.

In this page you can see some of the activities organized by KMS either regularly or non-regularly:

A)-Regular Activities:

  • Gumaa (Friday) Prayer: Friday prayer usually hold at Kodatsuno Campus, Faculty of Engineering. The time of pray is 12:30 pm, you can contact the organizing person about that Br. Dadang for more information. We plan to initialize a second place for Gumaa prayer at Kakuma Campus in near future Inshaallah.
  • Weekly Meeting: KMS members usually have a weekly meeting at KMS Mosque each friday evening. The exact time of the meeting according to the members's opinions and situations is 9:00 pm. In that meeting usually we pray Ishaa altogether, then we reciting and learning the Holly Quraan and Sunah instructions. Open discussions are available to discuss what is hot in the Muslim situations everywhere.
  • Committee Meeting: The KMS excutive committee usually has a monthely meeting, or at leat half-year meating to discuss the situation of KMS fund and activities for the forthcoming period.
  • B)- Irregular Activities:

  • Welcome Party: KMS occasionally organize a welcome party for the new comers at least once a year. In this party new comers are introduce themselves for old Muslim members to be in contact with other Muslims, also old members guide the new comers to distinguish Halal food from Haram ones in the shop stores. At the end of this party, KMS arrange for a sport day for the attending members.
  • C)- Ramadan Activities:

    In the Holy month Ramadan, KMS has a various kinds of activities:

  • Salat Alkeiam ( Taraweeh): ( Night Prayer) usually held in the KMS Mosque every night at 8:30 pm (according to agrement by most attendents of the meeting) . It would takes about one hour. This prayer is sunnah from the Prophet SAAWS and it is our pleasure to emitate our prophet instructions.
  • Collective Eftar: To collect all Muslims together and increase our brotherhood in islam, KMS would arrange a group Iftar for Muslims in Kanazawa. For more information, please refere to the "KMS Information" page in this page.
  • Zakat Alfetr collection: As the Islamic Center had announced, Zakat Alfetr for this year in shaa ALLAH will be around 1500 Japanes Yen for every personn. Every one must pay for every member of his family including childrens.
  • Ietekaf ( keeping in Mosque): KMS occasionally arranged for one night to keep in the Mosque during the last 10 days of Ramadan, especially the odd ones. Full details in shaa ALLAH would be available in the "KMS Information" page.
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