Bayt Al-Maqdis or Al-Arth Al-Muqaddasa

Bayt Al-Maqdis,Bait Al-Maqdis,Al-Quds,Quds,Not Jerusalem,Not Yershalim,Not Hierosolyma,Not Temple Mountayt Al-Maqdis (or Bait Al-Maqdis) is also referred to as Al-Arth Al-Muqaddasa (or Al-Ardh Al-Muqaddasa) in Qur'an. Once shortened, the name of this great city has become the well known name, Al-Quds (Quds). Bayt Al-Maqdis houses the great complex of worship that is known to all Muslims as Al-Haram Ash-Shareef (The Noble Sanctuary). This great complex is located at the heart of the beautiful aerial picture of Bayt Al-Maqdis shown below.

Important Note: Every Muslim accepts the fact that Bayt Al-Maqdis must never be a strictly Christian, a solely Jewish, nor an exclusively Muslim city, but must forever remain a multi-faith metropolis. So, any attempt by any party to make this noble city a uni-faith town must be challenged and totally refused to ensure the persistence of peace and to prevent further bloodshed. Only Muslims throughout the history of Bayt Al-Maqdis have respected this multi-faith nature of this great city [the very existence of various Christian as well as Jewish religious complexes up until this day is a clear evidence of the true and sincere adherence the Muslims have shown towards this multi-faith concept mentioned above.]

Click on the center of the picture to discover the superb facilities that Al-Haram Ash-Shareef contains.

Bayt Al-Maqdis,Bait Al-Maqdis,Al-Quds,Quds,Not Jerusalem,Not Yershalim,Not Hierosolyma,Not Temple Mount

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