Al-Haram Ash-Shareef (The Noble Sanctuary) Not Temple Mount

l-Haram Ash-Shareef (The Noble Sanctuary) is a quadrilateral that roughly resembles a trapezoid. The dimensions of this quadrilateral seem to differ from one source to another but the lowest values mentioned are about 280 meters along the South, about 310 meters along the North , about 460 meters along the East, and about 480 meters along the West. This gives it a surface area of about 138 thousand square meters, which is a little less than 35 acres. The average height above sea level on the platform is about 730 meters above sea level.

Click on the two different views areas shown in the picture below to see Al-Haram Ash-Shareef from different angles.

To enjoy a close-up view of the various Islamic structures that are contained within Al-Haram Ash-Shareef, click on the hot spots in the picture shown below (Note: Please, keep in mind that due to the fact that the main picture is a side view picture the colored areas may not reflect accurately the actual sizes and shapes of the areas they enclose.)

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