In the Name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

When the heart remembers
...(A lesson in Tasawuf)

The heart is the most difficult part to tame. When the heart is good, our faith is enhanced. When the heart is diseased, the faith is tainted. Let us work together to have a better heart and be a better Muslim.

When the HEART REMEMBERS ALLAH, the person will experience the following....

* One will feel peace at times of uncertainty.

* One is brave to face opposition from others.

* One will meet good Muslims along the course in their life who will advice them and help them.

* For every difficulty there is always a solution.

* Their tongues speak of goodness ie: inviting people to Islam, advice, console, praise...

* Their tongues will on their own stop saying unhealthy things ie: putting down people with words, gossip, backbite etc

* Their eyes will automatically lower themselves when facing with the opposite sex. They are careful in their dealings.

* Their hearts feel more care and concern for those who are less fortunate.

* They don't spend too much time dolling up but at least look presentable and neat and clean.

* When outside or travelling, their hearts constantly praise Allah.

* They tend to include Allah's Name in their conversation as their speech habit.

* They perform extra salat, not to just ask for something but because their hearts are SINCERE and GRATEFUL.

* They perform good deeds, fast and more, not for show, but because they think what they do is not enough.

* They forgive people who have done wrong to them.

* They pray for others and not just for themselves.

* They automatically and voluntarily avoid places of ill-repute such as pubs, discos, cinemas etc. Instead, they are drawn towards religious activities.

* No ill feeling will ever enter their hearts such as jealous, pridefulness etc.

* Their faith is rock-solid, no one can waiver them. Not even Shaithan (devil)

* They will not flinch when tortured (physically, mentally, emotionally).

* The Quran is like a magnet to them. They will feel amiss if they don't read the Quran (Arabic & translation) for even one day.

* They put their whole trust in Allah to handle their affairs for them.

* They feel at ease knowing that they are 100% at every second under Allah's protection and care.

* They have Faith in the Path which Allah has Planned for them.

Of course there are more signs you can find in a person whose heart remembers. These are just some of them. You must try to discover the rest of the changes in yourselves.  Only YOU know yourself best. Remember, in Allah's eyes, you are VERY PRECIOUS.

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