Ways to Paradise

Guard yourself from 5 things,

1. When you speak, speak the truth.
2. Fulfil when you promise.
3. Discharge your trust.
4. Be pure in thought an action .
5. Withhold your hand from striking.
6. Withhold from talking that which is unlawful and bad.

The Bounties Of ISLAM

Money can buy time but not eternity.
Money can buy a bed but not sleep.
Money can buy food but not an appetite.
Money can buy a book but not brains.
Money can buy a doctor's service but not healh.
Money can buy friends but not friendship.
Money can buy amusement but not happiness.
Money can buy a prayer mat but not salaat, but salaat costs nothing and it can buy you all these plus ALLAHS pleasure. Subhan'Allah :)

Flowers from the lips of Hadrat Ali (r.a)

1, Silence is the best reply to a fool.
2, Humility is the outcome of Knowledge.
3, Forgiveness is the crown of greatness.
4, To assist the wrong is to oppress the right.
5, Friendship is impossible with a liar.
6, Enmity is the occupation of fools.
7, Pride blocks progress and damages greatness.
8, Boasting small issues from small minds.
9, None is more respected than a pious man.
10,Your tongue will speak out what it is accustomed to.
11,Ones behavior is the index to ones mind.

Waliakum As Salaam

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