Allah enjoins justice and doing good to mankind ...
(Al-Qur'an, Surah An-Nahl, verse 90).

[1] Islam made warfare humane and it was undertaken only in vindication of the justice of Allah . It was never rapacious, revengeful and cruel. Muhammad  – the Messenger of Allah - himself instructed, trained and
disciplined the army of Allah. It was a humane army but it was invincible, fired with new enthusiasm, imbued with the will to conquer and emboldened by the utter contempt of death inculcated by the Noble

[2] `Do not use frauds and deceptions', said the Messenger of Allah to his soldiers. `Do not kill children, do not oppress the peaceful inhabitants of the country conquered. Spare weak women. Have pity on suckling infants and the sick. Do not destroy houses, do not overrun the fields, do not devastate the orchards. Do not cut down date
palms. If you conclude a treaty, keep it. In Christian ountries, do not destroy their churches and monasteries'.

[3] With such an enlightened, well disciplined and well-trimmed army of Allah, Muhammad laid the foundation of the World Order of Islam for the world humanity towards `Tawhid', that is, under the sole and universal sovereignty of Allah, one fraternity of mankind, one world kingdom
of Allah.

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