Valentine's Day: A Muslim View

Chocolates, flowers, hearts, cards, and romance: these are the ingredients that make up the annual celebration of Valentine's Day every February 14.

On the surface, these are lovely things. But in reality, the occasion promotes the culture of free sex and male-female relations from a specific point of view.

Although Valentine's Day is supposed to be a celebration in honor of St. Valentine, who was killed because of his opposition to free sex, its origins and its adoption by Christians as a holiday is really a dishonor to this saint's memory. Islamic scholar Abdullah Hakim Quick explains the pagan origins of the day in the video Holiday Myths.

You can find plenty of ways to turn around some of the ideas advocated by Valentine's Day. One of these is with practical resolutions. There are also ideas Muslim communities can use to make others, especially young people, question the beliefs and concepts associated with V-Day.

You can also make others think about Valentine's Day by using one of the occasion's own methods of propagation: cards. Like everything Western, Valentine's Day is also showing up in many Muslim countries. Challenge this latest import by sending our version of valentine cards to loved ones and friends.

Finally, if you're under the illusion that this is an adult celebration, think again. Kids in public schools are indoctrinated into certain cultural expectations about male-female behavior and peer acceptance -through Valentine's Day.

Don't let this February 14 pass without a greater awareness of the story behind those lovely chocolates, cards, and flowers. There's more to it than meets the eye.

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