Jesus, the Muslim Messiah
By John Casey,  The Daily Telegraph, 12/21/01
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Years ago, an agnostic friend of mine married a Jewish woman who practised her faith seriously. He took instruction in Judaism and seemed likely to convert -- but eventually did not. His chief reason was that he remained agnostic. But another obstacle surprised even himself: "I found that I just did not want to give up Jesus."What if my friend had married a Muslim? The interesting thing is that he
could have kept Jesus -- not the Jesus who was the Son of God, admittedly, and who was crucified, but certainly the Jesus who was Messiah and miracle worker, who conversed regularly with God, who was born of a virgin and who ascended into heaven.Jesus is referred to quite often in the Koran, six times under the title "Messiah"...The Muslim Jesus is an ascetic, a man of voluntary poverty, humility and long suffering...The Muslim Jesus is not divine, but a humble servant of God. He was not crucified -- Islam insists the story of the killing of Jesus is false...what comes across most powerfully is that the Muslim Jesus is intensely loved.It is good to be reminded, especially now, of the intimate connections there have been between Islam and Christianity, and how close in spirit Muslim and Christian piety can come to each other...-

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