Around the Muslim world, many of the people donating the most money to the 'effort' are the women.
It is not the amount that is given but the sincerity of the person who gives it.Therefore the first and most important thing that sisters can do is to donate money and to raise it amongst their families, friends and others.To fulfil their obligations in one way by the collection and donation of funds. For the sake of helping Islam and the suffering families in areas that are needed most help.

Fard 'Ain: for the males, which means that every able bodied man must participate in the 'effort' else he is sinful. If a wife or mother prevents her husband or son from participating in the 'effort' then she is sinful for EVERY drop of blood that is spilt and otherwise may have been saved if this brother was to go. The one who ABANDONS the 'effort' is like the one who abandons Prayer and Fasting.The 'effort' is an obligation amongst the many obligations of Islam, such as Prayer, Fasting, Hajj, Zakah, seeking knowledge, earning a livelihood, etc. If one of these is compromised, then the whole Deen of an individual and the Muslim community as a whole suffers.We advise our sisters to be wives, mothers and sisters of MEN not males, TIGERS not sheep, HEROES not cowards and WARRIORS not weaklings.

The donating of money: for a sister is PART of her obligation; the other part is to encourage the male members of her family to participate in the'effort' , and, until the males are able to do so,
to donate money, train themselves in physical pursuits such as running, martial arts, and strengthing there SpiritualStruggle, For the sake of helping Islam and the suffering families in areas that are needed most help.

Today, many brothers fear getting married as the majority of sisters, especially in the West, are amazed by the glitter of the Western way of life, and not willing to sacrifice for the Eternal Life. The wife of a Shaheed, will be with him in the highest part of Paradise, and she will be many times more beautiful, than she was in this life, and she will be more beautiful to him, than all his other wives in the Paradise. Therefore it is also in the interests of the sisters, to encourage and pray for the 'Eternal Life' of their husbands, and to bear the news patiently when, or if, it happens - Inshaa' Allah.

Going: to the Lands of the 'effort' with their husbands or other Mahram males Participating in activities such as educational and Dawah work amongst female refugees teaching children, nursing and
medical help in the hospitals, and looking after the families and sick.However, this should only be done if the mahram males of the sister go themselves. It is incorrect for sisters to travel to these places
by themselves. Unfortunately there are no organisations that exist to arrange for sisters to take part in the 'effort' . It is up to married sisters to arrange such things themselves with male co-operating Mahram relatives. Helping: to sell audio and video cassettes, books and distribution of leaflets in addition to helping organise fund collection amongst women in their communities, especially in Ramadhan, and charity events and ventures, For the sake of helping Islam and the suffering
families in areas that are needed most help.

Increasing your knowledge of Islam: another often neglected role that our sisters can play is in the increasing and learning of knowledge in the other fields of Islam, such as the concentration in Salah, correct recitation and memorisation of Qur'an, study of the correct 'Aqeedah (belief), Seerah (Life of the Prophet SAW), lives of the Sahaabah and Sahaabiyyat.

Malcolm X once said: 'To educate a man is to educate an individual and to educate a woman is to educate a nation.'

"Therefore one of the best ways that our sisters can help us is by increasing their knowledge of Islam in a way that will benefit Islam"

(At the very least, not to forget in their duas the fighters who have sold the life of this World and are struggling for the Sake of Allah so that the rest of us can live in peace, and to ask Allah to accept the Shuhadaa (martyrs) amongst them.)(parts of this article was from:

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