Ibn Haajee al-Maalikee, Muhammad ibn Muhammad Aboo 'Abdullaah al-'Abaadee: He was from Faas a city in Morocco.  He was well versed in the Maalikee madhhab and thus held a position of a judge.  He died 737 A.H.



An-Nawawee, Muheey-ud-deen Aboo Zakareeyah Yahya bin Shariff bin Muree

al-Hawaaribee:  Born in 631 A.H.  His short life was a great one.  He

managed to reach a level of knowledge that those much older had not

acquired.  From his youth he occupied himself in learning Islam and its

various sciences.  He became well known for commanding good and forbidding evil.  He left behind numerous works, all master pieces, such as Riyadh as-Saliheen and an explanation of Saheeh Muslim.  He died in 676 A.H.



At-Tirmidhee, Aboo 'Eesaa Muhammad bin 'Eesaa bin Suarh:  Born 209 A.H.

One of the students of Imaam Bukhari.  One of the foremost scholars of

Hadith of his time.  He has written numerous books, the most famous being his collection of Hadith about which is said:  "Whosoever has it in his home it is as if he the Prophet (SAW) is speaking in his house."  This reflects the value of his work.  He died in 279 A.H.



Al-Albaanee, Aboo 'Abdur Rahmaan Muhammad Naasir-ud-deen al-Albaanee:

Born in the year 1332 A.H. in Ashkodera the capital of Albania.  His

family migrated to Syria and it was there he studied under the scholars as well as his father.  He learnt hadeeth from Shaikh Rooqib al-Taabbakh a famous scholar of Aleppo.  He specialized in the field of hadeeth and its sciences and taught hadeeth in Madeenah University when it first opened. He live in Jordan up until his death, where he occupied himself with hadeeth and its sciences.  He died in 1420 A.H.



Al-Bukhaaree, Aboo 'Abdullah bin Ismaa'eel bin Ibraheem al-Ja'faee:  He

has been given the name "Ameer ul-Mu'mineen" (Chief of the Believers) in the field of hadeeth.  He was born in 194 A.H. Even at a young age he reached the pinnacle of knowledge in hadeeth & fiqh of hadeeth.  He was well known & scholars came flocking to learn from him.  It is said he taught 20,000 people or more.  His own teachers were amongst the scholars of Islam for example, Ishaaq bint Rahawayh, 'Alee bin Madeenee, Ahmad bin Hanbal and his foremost student Imam Muslim.  His hadeeth collection Saheeh al-Bukhaaree is taken by the Muslims to be the most authentic book of hadeeth.  He died in 256 A.H.



Ahmad bin Hanbal ash-Shaibanee:  Born in the year 164 A.H. in Baghdad.

Commonly referred to with the appellation the "Imam of Ahl-us-Sunnah

wal-Jamaa'ah."  He stood firm preserving the way of the Companions and

fighting all forms of innovation.  He wrote several books and taught the likes of Aboo Dawood, 'Alee bin Madeenee, Aboo Zar'ah, Aboo Haatim to mention but a few.  He is one of the four Imaams & one of the great

scholars of Islam.  He died in 241 A.H.



Ash-Shawkaanee, Aboo 'Abdullaah Muhammad bin 'Alee bin Muhammad bin

'Abdullaah:  Born in 1172 A.H. in Yemen.  He reached a high level of

knowledge and led many back to the Islam of the first three generations. He wrote books on various fields in science of tafseer, hadeeth, usool, such as Fah-ul-Qadeer (tafseer), Nayl al-Awtar (fiqh) and Irshad-al-Fuhool (usool-ul-fiqh).  He died 1250 A.H.

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