Russia's state terrorism


«Terrorism arose in Russia. This is where Czars and influential people were getting assassinated. A Russian villain is a predecessor of present-day terrorists».
(Stuart Berge «Downfall of Eagles»)


If in the past Russia was exterminating Chechens for 400 years in a row, while covering its criminal actions with the accusing terms like «savages», «bandits», or «brigands», then now some new terms were added to the Russian criminal slang: «separatists», «Wahhabites», or «extremists». And the so-called «second Chechen campaign» was unleashed under the banner of fight against so-called «international terrorism».


Why terrorism? Because all around the world terrorist methods are considered to be the most dangerous and unacceptable for the mankind. Russia, and its secret services especially, understood this condition full well when they were declaring Chechens as «terrorists». And not just some individual persons, but the entire Chechen nation. And the so-called international community was ready to «fall for it» and accept this thesis. In the fall of 1999 the Kremlin figured that the image of a «Chechen terrorist» had been molded and now a «special operation» on exterminating the entire nation can get started. The Kremlin’s Thief cried out loud with all the might of his drunken cast-iron throat: «Catch the thief!»


The extermination of the nation groundlessly accused of terrorism started with especial cruelty and cynicism. The methods used in the slaughter were most savage: shooting Chechens in «humanitarian» corridors, tortures, killings in modern concentration camps, mass murders by using the most advanced weapons of mass destruction (including chemical and bacteriological weapons). While describing the actions of Russias military and political leadership, one can unambiguously say that for the first time in the history of mankind terror at a state level started out on such a large scale and with such incomparable numerical and technical superiority.

But what about the international community? And the international community has shown its hypocrisy once again. The US
for example made up a list of the nations rated among «terrorist» states («rogue nations»): Iraq, Cuba, Libya, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, and Syria. All right. But excuse me, where is Russia? Or maybe there are some other criteria to define terrorists, and we just can’t understand these criteria? Maybe this is the reason why Israel or Armenia are not on that list, for example.


Historical facts are irrefutably proving that for the past few centuries Russia has been playing the key role of a terrorist state. Russian policies have always been noted for their terrorist methods. Russian writer Chaadayev said in this regard that all countries are like normal countries, but only Russia has to terrify the world and make the world tremble. Chaadayev did not mention the word «terrorism» probably because it was not that popular back then.


Everybody can remember how Communists were calling their bloody orgies «the Red terror», and they were not ashamed of anybody while doing that. Communist bloody methods have virtually not changed. Moreover, they have been advanced by modern Russian democrats.


But why is the so-called international community too stubborn to notice the acts of «democratic terror» perpetrated by the Russian state? Why is the international community overlooking how the giant nuclear superpower is using all sorts of refined methods of intimidation and slaughter, and perpetrating devastating genocide against one of the planet’s small nations, while even calls to such methods are considered crimes against humanity, according to all international laws passed by the international community?


So, what is really going on? Has this perishable world lost its eyesight or gone crazy? What are the Chechens, who are being exterminated, are supposed to do in this kind of situation? Are they supposed to just obediently mount the scaffold and listen to the «position» of the international community, which says to the Chechens: «Do not resist! Your resistance against Russia is illegal, and moreover, you resistance is terror!?»

Chechens would say in response: «Excuse us, but we are getting killed, expelled, tortured; we have been deprived of all human rights, can’t you see?» And they hear in response: «We see it all, but there is nothing you can do, - it’s politics…!»


«But how can politics be more important, while defense of human rights is number one priority in your documents? Does it mean that your documents are lying in the first place, or is it some kind of defense for the «elect»?


Answer: «As long as it concerns us – it’s not a lie, but when it comes down to all of you…like Chechens, … Moslems… - that’s where it gets somewhat tangled up. Interests, so to say…»


Taking all of this into account, how would you answer these questions: who has the right to fight this worldwide evil? How, when, where and by what means? Muslims have the answer in the Holy Koran:


«And there is life for ye in (the law of) retaliation (to the transgressors), O men of understanding, that ye may guard yourselves!» (Holy Koran 2:179)

Thus we can claim: «All people of good will are obligated to fight against Russian state terrorism, regardless of ethnic or racial background, - by using any means and methods available, all across the space that emits evil, which is called the Russian Federation».


According to the unwritten laws made up by the Kremlin and by Russian secret services and picked up by other countries, the territory where resisting the Russian criminals is possible has been marked by the borders of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, while the country that emits Evil is Russia, and the retaliation must be taking place on its own soil.


According to all canons of the Shariah or to any other law, Russia is defined as «Dar al-Harb» – the territory of war. But nevertheless, any transfer of war operations on the enemy soil, as it was in Budennovsk, Kizlyar, etc. is for some reason considered forbidden and is rated among terrorist acts.


War operations in cities and towns of Russia are considered inadmissible since, you see, Russian innocent population may suffer. Why, can Chechen innocent civilians suffer while Russians can’t? And who is the one who defines guilt or guiltlessness? Are these people considered guilty once they approve of genocide and mass extermination of an entire nation, once they elect a murderer on the post of their country’s leader, and once they make scumbag Budanov a national hero?


And then what can you call Chechen widows, who at the cost of their martyr deaths will either eliminate the criminals, or by their desperate actions in the capital of the enemy state try to draw the attention of the international community to the Chechen nation, which is being exterminated by all means that Russia has in store?

M. Kahraman,

for Kavkaz-Center

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