Reward of Women

".....hadith of the Prophet (saw),  one day, as the Prophet (saw) was among his Companions, the daughter of Yazid al-Ansari said, "By Allah I love you more than my father and mother. I am coming on behalf of a large group of ladies behind me as their spokeswoman, in that Allah has sent you to both men and women totally (kafa) and that we believed in you. We as women have been singled out in our homes, carrying your children and doing your housework, and you men have been honored above us with pilgrimage, prayer in congregation, visiting the sick, following the bier of the deceased,
and above that performing jihad in the way of Allah. And if any of you went for umra and hajj we must remain at home guarding your wealth and striving to raise your children well. What is our reward in that?" The Prophet (s) looked at his Companions, turning his face to all of them. "Did you hear a better issue than that raised by this woman, regarding her faith?" The Companions said, "O Prophet of Allah (s), we never thought a woman would be guided to such a question." The Prophet (s) said, "O Asma bint Yazid al-Ansari, know yourself and tell all the women behind you that for all that you have mentioned, if you perform them properly and diligently, you will receive all the reward that the men receive and you will be equal in reward." The lady left and happiness shown in her face. She went and told her  people what the Prophet (s) said, and all entered the fold of Islam." 

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