Prayers that are recited in abundance during the sacred month of Ramadan


Ø      O, my Allah ! Be Kind to grant our prayers as you are the only One Who hears every voice and knows (every thing) and accept our patience as you only is the Forgiver.

Ø      There is no God but Allah Who is to be worshiped and we ask our remission from Him only.

Ø      O Allah ! we desire for heaven as our final abode and request to be away as our find abode and request to be away from the flames of Hell. O Allah grant us your mercy and kindness. Your excellence has no limits and you pardon us (for our sins)



1.      O Allah ! Grant me Complete faith (in islam)

2.      O Allah ! Grant me the ability to perform deeds with (of faith)

3.      O Allah ! Be a Protector of my belief till I die.

4.      O Allah ! Give me strength to recite Kalimah-e-Tayyeba at the time of death.

5.      O Allah ! Grant to us the blessings and opportunities of Ramadhan-ul-I lubarak

6.      O Allah ! Put me on the straight path (of faith)

7.      O Allah ! let me live a life of Your liking and that make you happy with me.

8.      O Allah ! Make me able to perform Namaaz ( Prayers) rightly

9.      O Allah ! make me able to act upon all the rituals and saying of my prophet Muhammed Rasullullah Sallallah-o-

10.  O Allah ! Grant me ability to observe ‘Roza’ (fast) in its rightness

11.  O Allah ! Keep us safe from poverty and misfortune.

12.  O Allah ! Save us from telling a lie, back-bitting, cancer,arrogance and all misdeeds

13.  O Allah ! Save us from Satan’s guidance and from lust and adultery.

14.  O Allah ! create such a confidence in our heart that must have a base on Namazz and Kalimah-e-tayyaba

15.  O Allah ! Grant us abstinence and forbearance.

16.  O Allah ! Grant us the blessings of the world and the hereafter.

17.  O Allah ! On the Day of Judgment (Qayamat) under the shelter of your throne (Arsh)

18.  O Allah ! Don’t make us ashamed in the world as well as in the Hereafter

19.  O Allah ! Make us able to perform actions which may lead us to Heaven.

20.  O Allah ! Fell our hearts with the blessing of your revelations.


O Allah ! You are the only bountiful and forgiver. You like to pardon and so O my Allah grant us pardon (from sins)

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