Story: Playing with kids as if you are a kid

How many times do we see parents who do not enjoy the compay of children, they are far too serious.. We know the accounts of Prophet Muhammad playing with children, we know how Prophet Muhammad would give piggy-back rides to kids, on one occassion he even gave a ride from outside the city limits to the center of the city to children on his shoulders, arms and around him, maybe even clinging to his leg - and Allah knows best.

Gabalah Ibn Saheem related that he entered the company of Muawiya Ibn Abu Sufian during his rule. He had a rope around his neck which was drawn by a child (i.e. similar to a cowboy playing with a lasoo). Gabbalah exclaimed 'You do that! Prince of the Fidels!?!'. His statement was supposed to be a repreimand i.e.he was criticising the Caliph for playing with the kid. To this, Muawiya said to him, 'Bequiet fool! I have heard Allah's Messenger saying, "Whoso has got a child, should behave with him as if he were a child too"'.

[Ref: Daleel al-Saliheen, p. 77]

And so we see that the Muslim who uderstand his faith realises that playing and entertaining a child is just as important as ruling a nation, or their household. Life is about balance, far too often we hear people saying 'be Islamic' - what the criticiser fails to realise is that playing with children they ARE 'being Islamic'. We should not allow the character and beauty of Islam be removed from it, otherwise we will simply be left with a series of mechanical actions.

May Allah have mercy and teach us all compassion and good character, ameen.

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