Modest clothing Vs Immodest clothing

In this country Many Women believe that a women being attacked has NOTHING to do with the way she is dressed. I personally believe that; that is not true.

Imagine this:

2 Women are walking down the street, one is dressed in a mini-skirt and
halter top and the other is dressed like me, Hijaab, Niqaab, and Jilbaab. (Head covering, face covering and complete body covering.) There is an attacker walking behind us. Which woman will he choose? Me? who looks like a tent walking? Or, the other one who is dressed skimpy Of course the one who is dressed skimpy, because she is easier and more attracting to him.

I believe that it is of course the attackers fault, because he could control himself and get help for whatever problem he may have, at the same time, we as Women should do EVERYTHING we can to protect ourselves and ask Allah Subhana'wa ta'aala to keep us safe and protected. Maybe we should be able to walk out of our houses cloth-less without worrying about men attacking us or looking us up and down like pieces of meat, but we cant. After Adam and Huwa (Adam and Eve) all that changed. That is one of the reasons why we as Muslim Women cover, is to protect our bodies from unwanted stares and attacks.

There will always be that possibly of getting attacked, even with being
covered from head to toe. But now; WE as Women have done EVERYTHING possible to ensure this from happening, by covering up, not talking to a man we are not married or who is not our relative (non-mahrams), except for business, dawah (spreading Islaam) or marriage, not being alone with a non-mahram man, not going out day/night except with a Mahram (husband, Brother, Father etc.if you can manage this..), and whatever other sensible things you can think of. Of course we are supposed to depend completely on Allah ta'aala, though we must still tie our camel and do everything He tell us too do that is humanly possible.

Insha'Allah I hope and pray I have not offended anyone, Barak'Allah (May the blessing of Allah be upon you) for reading this small article Insha'Allah Ameen!

May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to make you happy. (from a poem)

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