McDONALD'S CLOSING 675 Restaurants:

    On January 23, 2003 McDonald's announced that it has closed 675 restaurants, 500 more than had been announced as possible closings in December 2002. The chain posted its FIRST-EVER quarterly loss and reported that the "era of double-digit profit growth" is over.The net loss announced is: $343.8 million, as compared to a profit of $271.9 million in the same period in 2002.

     Observers say that the crunch is connected to the worldwide Islamic boycott of McDonald's. There couldn't be any other cause because the eating habits of Americans havn't changed.

     McDonald's refuses to shut down its prestigious outlets in Pakistan and other Muslim countries even though the numbers of customers are said to have gone down by 30 to 50%.

      MUSLIMS ARE URGED TO TIGHTEN the BOYCOTT of DISNEY which is directly connected to Israel and international Jewry.

     Muslims have not worked on the boycott of Starbucks coffee which is announcing profits and helping Israel.

[Info. provided by Dr. S. Dallenbach, northern California, from a review the British paper, THE GUARDIAN of January 25, 2003]


     Nobel prize winner Solzhenitsyn has shocked the Zionist media with his latest book: TWO HUNDRED YEARS TOGETHER.

     The 84-year old Soviet era dissident points out that the Jews played a significant role in the Stalinist purges and the genocide of millions of people. He writes that "TWO THIRDS OF THE CHEKA (the terror police) WERE JEWS."

     He also provides his own eyewitness account that in the concentration camps where he lived, the Jews were provided a softer life owing to their cooperation with the Stalinist regime.

     [Ed. Note: Other literature we have indicates that the Jews earned the undying hatred of Ukrainians, Poles and other nationalities owing to their cooperation with the Soviet terror machine. So when the German armies came in, in 1941, the people at first saw them as liberators and took the opportunity to kill the Jews who had oppressed them.]

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