Marry or not to marry?

Assalam alaikum,

The Quran reccomends marriage to those who are able to carry its burdens,
and hadiths of the Prophet emphasize the same point.
[Quran, 2:187, 4:4, 4:19-21, 4:25, 4:34, 16:72, 30:21 ; Ibn Hajar, Fath
al-Bari, 4:119-9:112-115; an-Nawawi, Sharh Sahih Muslim, 9/10:175-180]

However the classical interpretative communities had determined that
marriage is recommended, and is part of the Prophet's Sunnag, but it is not
a legal obligation (al-zawaj nadbb wa la yalzam).
[an-Nawawi, Sharh Sahih Muslim, 9/10:175-180]

It is well known that scholars such as Ibn Taymiyyah and an-Nawawi did not

According to classical jurists, sin is not incurred for failing to marry
unless a man or woman fears that they will be unable to abstain from illicit
sexual relations. In addition, a person DOES incur a sin if they marry whe
they are unable to carry the burdens of marriage.

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