In the Jannah, sure, there are levels and classes according to the Hadith which was narrated by Imam Ahmad: " The prophet PBUH said, There are 100 levels for the Jannah. If the whole creations are gathered in one level it will host them"

The highest level is Al-Firdaus, according to the hadith which was narrated by Bukhari: "The Prophet PBUH said, when you ask Him then ask for the Firdaus. It is in the middle and the top of the Jannah and above it the thrown of Allah from which the rivers of the Jannah come". The Firdaus is a name used sometimes for the whole Jannah and also for the top and best of it since the top deserves such name more than other levels.

There isn't a fixed name for each level of the Jannah. However, in the holy Quran the Jannah was mentioned under different names such as:
1- Firdaus
2- Jannah
3- Daru-Ssalam
4- Darul-Khuld
5- Darul-Muqamah
6- Jannatul-Mawa
7- Jannatu-Adan
8- Darul-Hayawan
9- Muqam-Ameen
10- Jannatu-Naeem
11- Maqadu-Sidq
12- Qadamu-Sidq

And here we shouldn't forget that the Highest and the best level in the Jannah is the level where the Prophet Muhammad PBUH will enter which is called Al-Waseelah. According to the Hadith of Muslim: "The Prophet PBUH said, when you here the Muezzin, say like him and then end it with prayer for me, for those who do one prayer for me Allah will pray ten for them, after that ask Allah the Waseelah for me. It is a rank in the Jannah (the highest rank) which will be granted only for one man and I hope I am that man. For those who ask the waseelah for me, my intercession will be granted.

Proud to be "Stranger"

Abdullah ibn Masud, said:

"The Prophet (s.a.w) said
'Islam began as something strange, and it will revert to being strange as it was in the beginning, so good tidings for the strangers.'
Some asked, 'Who are the strangers?' He said,
'The ones who break away from their people (literally, 'tribes') for the sake of Islam.'"
Sahih Muslim, Ibn Majah

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