Hajar (Hagar in Hebrew)

was a woman of high status in Islam. Her account informs us that she:

1. Was one of the highest dignataries of Egypt; one commentator of Genesis
writes that she was the daughter of Pharaoh

2. Was the wife of Prophet Abraham

3. Angels spoke to her

4. Was the mother of Ishmael

5. Was the founder of the city of Mecca

Sara performed a miracle which impressed Pharoah. So Pharoah gave Sara as a
maid to work for her saying that it was better that she works than becomes a
queen. Hagar was given to Prophet Abraham by Sara as wife. She became
pregnant in the first year of marriage. The child was in her womb when an
Angel approached her and gave her glad tidings that she would beget a son
whose name would be Ishmael, and that his progency would be enormous.  Sara
then mistakenly believed that Hagar believed that Sara was inferior to her.
So Sara pressed for a seperation between Hajar and Abraham.

Prophet Abraham recieved guidance from Allah and he sent her to the desert
where the city of Mecca stands today.

At that time Mecca was a desert without any habitation or water. Hajar
looked after her son Ishmael however water / supplies eventuall ran out. She
searched the area going back and forth looking for water to no avail. When
she called upon Allah for help, Angel Gabriel appeared and informed Hajar of
where to dig for water, which did did resulting in a spring.

[Source: Mercy for the Worlds, Vol II]

The only other woman I know of in history to have direct contact with
Angel/s was Mary, the Mother of Prophet Jesus.

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