Getting married in Order to get Green Card

This is in reply to question asked by an American lady
who inquired the authenticity of marrying for the sake
of Green card.

The very first Hadith is Sahih Bukhari is
“In-Na-Mul-Aah-Ma-Lou-BinNiyat” meaning your acts are
dependent upon your intentions.

Then there is a Hadith that the very first 3 men whom
Allah will decide the case on the Judgment day will a
Martyr, a scholar and a Rich Generous person. The
martyr will claim that he had shed his life for Allah;
scholar will say that he had spread knowledge for the
sake of Allah and the rich person will say that he had
distributed his wealth to poor and needy for the sake
of Allah. Allah will reply that all three of you had
done this in order to attain respect from the people
and all of you had enjoyed that respect and name in
the world and there is no place in Paradise for you
and they will be thrown in hell.

Now those who get married in order to obtain Green
Card, their marriage in not legal (in the eye of
Islam). When someone marry in Islam, he should have
intention to marry for his whole life, at the time of
marriage, he should not have any intentions for break
the marriage after certain period or after achieving
some benefits out of it. This type of marriage is sort
of “Mutah” which is Haram in Islam.

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