Cultivating Good Manners in Ramadan

"Whosoever does not abandon falsehood in speech and action, then
Allah the Mighty and Majestic has no need that he should leave his
food and drink."

"Fasting is not merely abstaining from eating and drinking. Rather,
it is also abstaining from ignorant and indecent speech. So if
anyone abuses or behaves ignorantly with you, then say: I am
fasting, I am fasting."
(Ibn Khuzaymah and al-Haakim)

The above statements of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him,
point towards the importance of truthfulness and good manners. Thus,
this blessed month teaches us not only to abstain from food and
drink, but to also abstain from such statements and actions that may
be the cause of harming people and violating their rights.

Thus it is upon us as individuals, to examine the shortcomings in
our character, and to then seek to improve them – modelling
ourselves upon the character of the last of the Prophets and
Messengers, and their leader, Muhammad. So by shunning oppression,
shamelessness, harbouring hatred towards Muslims, back-biting,
slandering, tale-carrying, and other types of falsehood, we can be
saved from nullifying the rewards of our fasting.

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