Firm faith and practicing Islamic teachings bring glory to Muslims


Sheikh Osama Bin Abdullah Khayyat, Imam and Khateeb of the Holy Haram
in Makkah, urged Muslims to fear Allah as our pious Salaf used to
fear Him. By following this path, a Muslim keeps himself away from
sins and attains the Divine pleasure and salvation from the Hellfire.

In his Friday sermon (Khutba) of 11-1-2002 at the Holy Haram in
Makkah, Sheikh Khayyat attributed the weakness and helplessness of a
man to his weak belief in the Islamic creed and not practicing the
Prophet's Sunnah. He said in this situation fear for property and
life always haunts him. He pointed out that among the merits and
virtues of Islam is its healing treatment for this weakness so that
man does not fall prey to these fears, and weak faith and trust in
Allah. He said that Allah has reassured His servants that it is only
He Who grants life and wealth.

Sheikh Khayat said that it is only Allah who knows the moment of any
person's death and this is written. He added that no human being dies
unless he gets his full share of sustenance, wealth and life. He said
that good and bad are due to God's will. And Allah is enough for all
the protection that His servant's need.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Ali Bin Abdur Rahman Al-Hudhaifi, Imam and Khateeb
of the Prophet's Mosque in Madina, called upon Muslims to fear Allah
and keep away from sins in order to obtain abode in Paradise in the

In his Friday sermon, Sheikh Al-Hudhaifi said that for attaining
success in this worldly life one should follow the path of
righteousness and practice the teachings of Islam.

He said that disasters have befallen one after another on the Muslim
world in our age. Numerous interpretations have been given for these

There are those who say that they are due to the planning of the
enemies of Islam while others say that they are due to economic
weakness and industrial backwardness. He said that these
interpretations are by sick people. He stressed that the real cause
is the negligence of the teachings of Islam by individuals and

Sheikh AI-Hudhaifi said that the Muslim Ummah passed through even
severer tribulations and calamities, but by being sincere to Allah,
doing good deeds diligently and repenting to Him  sincerely they were
able to come out of these ordeals. He emphasized that Allah destroyed
the people of Thamud for killing the she-camel and the Children of
Israel for mischief on the earth. He called for sincere repentance.
He said that no catastrophe has befallen a people except for their
sins, and no tribulations are lifted except through sincere

The Sheikh called upon Muslims to unify their ranks before the winds
of change that are blowing over the Muslim world with the objective
of harming and influencing our Shariah, values, morals, well-
established principles, approaches and curricula. He emphasized that
they should stand as one man abiding by the correct creed (Aqeedah).

At the end of his Khutba, Sheikh Al-Hudhaifi prayed for the glory of
Islam and for Muslims and Muslim rulers to do all that leads to pride
in Allah's religion and upholding of belief of "There is no god but


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