DIN   =    Obedience, Way of Life, Professing a faith;
           Rule, Judgement, Law, Government, State,
           Dominion, Kingdom, Order, Decree, Condition;
           Predominance, Mastery, Ascendancy, Plan,
           Reckoning, Recompense, Requital, Ideology;
           Righteousness, Belief, Custom, Social system.

ISLAM =    Peace, Security, Safety;
           Surrender, Submission, Resignation;

Din Ullah in relation to Islam would mean:

Government of Allah, Rule of Allah, Kingdom of Allah,
World Order of Allah, World State of Allah, Islamic Way of Life,
World Order of Islam, World State of Islam, Islamic Social system,
Islamic Ideology.

To define concisely:

Islam is the Government of Allah, by the Muttaqin,
for the people of the World.

1] ISLAM is the Government of Allah and diametrically opposed to all
man- made governments (=Taghut). Accepting Islam and the Qur'an
mean rejection of all man-made worldly governments and laws of any
form (5:44/45/47) and rendering allegiance exclusively to Allah –
sole Sovereign of mankind (2:163,3:64)  Islam is the only World Order
acceptable with Allah (3:85). The Qur'an is the Constitutional
law book of the World State of Islam (2:2). Islam was commenced with
Adam (2:39) and culminated in Muhammad (5:3). Messengers were sent to
all the congeries of people to broadcast the command: Serve Allah
alone and shun Taghut (16:36). All the Messengers of Allah were
Muslims: `Allah has named you Muslims in this Book and also in
all previous revealed Books (22:78). Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and
all the Messengers of Allah promulgated Islam (42:13).

2] MUTTAQIN are the self-dedicated heroes of Islam – the soldier-
saints who wield the State Authority to serve and enrich mankind and
to dispense justice evenly to all and thus maintain social
equilibrium, not to rule and plunder mankind.

3] The entire Humanity is the family of Allah. Islam is meant for
entire mankind (2:185). The Qur'an is an Exhortation to all the
people of the World (81:27). The Message of the Qur'an is
timeless,and not limited to any community and place. The Guidance of
the Qur'an is for any one who cares to go along the Correct Path
Sovereign Allah (81:28). Therefore, any particular person, group,
religious denomination, sect or class of people cannot monopolize
Islam. The whole World belongs to Allah:  `The East and the West
belongs to Sovereign Allah' (2:114).

So, people of the World, come to Islam, unite for Islam.

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