Decision process of a leader

When the Messenger of Allah (salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) appointed Muadh ibn Jabal (radhi Allahu 'anh) as governor of Yemen, he asked him, "How will you decide the affairs of the people?" "O Rasul Allah, I will decide according to the teachings of the Quran," replied Muadh.

"And if you do not find an answer in the Quran," the Prophet asked him, "what will you do then?" "I will seek the advice from your Sunnah (tradition), O Rasul Allah," replied Muadh.

The Prophet asked him again, "And if you do not find an answer in my Sunnah, what will you do then?" Muadh replied, "I will then use my best judgement (ijtihad)."

Rasul Allah's face gleamed with joy. He then remarked, "Blessed be Allah, who has given this wisdom to a messenger of His Messenger!"

Points to Remember: This conversation illustrates the method and concept of decision making on the part of a leader, specially whenever he or she is faced with new circumstances and challenges of the society.

[Taken from "Stories of the Sirah: The Teacher of Mankind", by Abidullah Ghazi & Tasneema Ghazi, p. 18]

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