Please Forgive me for the sake of ALLAH if i said anything wrong intentionally or unintentionally.Please forgive me if I have wronged you in the past... and if I ever upset you

I believe forgiveness is by heart not by words.
"We're the children of Islam, We live in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Uzbekistan,
Kosovo, Tajikistan, In Kashmir and in Sheeshan, We're the children of Islam.

One day many days ago, We, too, had a home, you know.
But then came that scary day, When they took it all away.

They broke our homes and burned our toys. They shot us, little girls and
You did not come to help us then, We called on you again and again.

Everywhere we looked around, Not a single friend we found.
When we looked for mom and dad, We couldn't see them, we were sad.
You did not come to take us then, We looked for you again and again.

So many of us were taken, In heavy trucks we were laden,
And then were scattered far away, Where we were to be led astray,
Where we were taught to wear the cross, Forsake Islam, Oh what a loss!
You did not come rescue us then, We asked for you again and again.

When we were hurt we cried and cried, Our pain as such did not subside,
Our blood did flow and had not dried, When many of us children died.
You did not come to save us then, We've needed you, time and again.

If you still do not respond, Then to you this we will say:
Remember that this world will end Then will come the Judgement Day,
When we will be with our Lord, And to you this we will say:
WHY did you not go help us when, We called on you again and again?"


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