The daughter of Thabit bin Qays said that she heard from her father that
when the following verse was revealed:

"...for Allah does not love any arrogant boaster"
[Surah Luqman (31): verse 18]

it shocked Thabit to his core. Thabit closed himself indoors and started
crying. When the Prophet was informed about this, he sent a messenger to
find out what happened to Thabit. Thabit replied,

'I am a man who loves beauty and luxury and I happen to be the chief amongst my tribe'.

The Prophet replied,

'You are not among those people [i.e. arrogant boasters] and you will live a pious life; you will die with piety and Allah, the Exalted will send you to heaven'.

[Al Hakim Vol III p 223]

It is of central importance that as Muslims we are proud of being Muslim; but we do not mistake the pride of being Muslim for arrogance, for arrogance and pride are two seperate matters; and even within the classification of pride there is that pride which we are allowed to display, and that pride which we are not.

May Allah the Almighty grant us pride in our actions and our faith, but keep us safe from arrogance, ameen.

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