Please find attached two articles i


Christmas Celebrations and Christmas Tree


Please find attached two articles i.e, Christmas celebrations and Christmas Tree. The first one is prepared by me where as the second one was forwarded to me from my teacher Bro. Sayed Ali from Texas, whom I had introduced to you all. It is of vital importance to know what role we Muslims have to play in such Non-Muslim Celebrations. I have done my level best to do justice to the topic touching upon various aspests from the Quran, Sunnah and the Bible. I have come across many articles on this subject, but most of them are of criticising nature.


                    We Muslims should make this oppurtunity to discuss issues calmly with the Christian so as to set his mind thinking instead of finding fault and criticising their celebrations. Just tell them that you would be the first person to join them in their celebrations if only they could substntiate the Christmas celebrations with authentic records from their scripture. Always use a positive approach to them. If we could do this and make the Christian think, then Insha Allah then the help of Allah (SWT) would be there.


                    If there are any queries or comments on this topic , you all may feel free to respond. Whatever is good in this is from Allah (SWT) alone, and whatever went wrong in this is from me and the shaitan. May Allah (SWT) guide us all and give us the strength tocarry the message of his Deen to everyone till our last breath. Ameen.


With Best Wishes and Regards,

Abdul Hameed


Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Tree



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