A minute of Silence

If you are still shaken by the horrifying scenes of September 11,

please observe a moment of silence for the 5,000 civilian lives

lost in the New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania attacks.

While we're at it, let's have 13 minutes of silence for the

130,000 Iraqi civilians killed in 1991 by order of President Bush

Sr. Take another moment to remember how Americans celebrated and

cheered in the streets.

Now another 20 minutes of silence for the 200,000 Iranians killed by Iraqi

soldiers using weapons and money provided to young Saddam Hussein by the

American government before the great eagle turned all its power against


Another 15 minutes of silence for the Russians and 150,000 Afghans killed

by troups supported and trained by the CIA.

Plus 10 minutes of silence for 100,000 Japanese killed in Hiroshima and

Nagasaki by the Atomic bombs dropped by the! USA.

We've just kept quiet for one hour: one minute for the Americans killed

in NY, DC, and Pennsylvania, 59 minutes for their victims throughout the


If you are still in awe, let's have another hour of silence for all those

killed in Vietnam, which is not something Americans like to admit.

Or for the massacre in Panama in 1989, where American troops attacked poor

villagers, leaving 20,000 Panamanians homeless and thousands more dead.

Or for the millions of children who have died because of the USA embargoes

on Iraq and Cuba.

Or the hundreds of thousands brutally murdered throughout the world by

USA-sponsored civil wars and coups d'etat (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay,

Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador to name a few).

Maybe, and although the memory of Americans claims otherwise, someone may

remember the USA attack on Bagdad where 18,000 civilians were killed. Did

someone see it on CNN? ! Was justice ever served? Or was there even any


We hope that Americans finally begin to understand their vulnerability and

the cowardly attacks and other tragedies that they have caused around the


The dead in other places hurt as much as the dead of the Towers!

Now, let's talk about terrorism, shall we?

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